Friday 27 April 2012

Just a humble 10ft by 8ft wooden shed, £550 bought online and delivered.  I got rid of the concrete and asbestos garage at the bottom of the garden and with the help of Bob Cookson, erected it on legs to avoid flooding.  I didn`t put in a mains supply and instead plumped for solar power.  A £200 28W panel from Maplin, a couple of car batteries  and a controller was all I needed.  From this I run a car stereo feeding two bookshelf speakers, various LED lights and a window fan.  My brother-in-law Steve made me a meths burner and this fits perfectly into an old stove that Johnny gave me.  

You can see the horrible garage at the bottom of the garden that made room for the shed.

Newly erected by myself and Mr Cookson.

This shows the two car batterys for charging.

28 watt panel from Maplin.

My dad in the train drivers chair.

Stained glass window I found dumped in Brighton.

Lit by LED lights.

Lit by paraffin and candles.

This shows it after moving most of Bills stuff into it!

A very old grind head (belt driven) 

A Victorian wood turning lathe (treadle driven) 

 Meths stoves for having a brew

 Very old bench drill.

Bill`s 100 year old electric motor! Still working.

Some of Bill`s old stuff.

The man himself, Bill.

The chest seat I made